Shark Bite Kits

We supply  Shark Bite First Aid Kits.
We are excited to release our new range of Shark Bite First Aid Kits.
Living in Australia, we all know and hear about Shark attacks due to the fact that Aussies and visitors love spending time in the ocean. The need for a specialised Shark Bite Kit was born as we felt a strong need to make available a specifically tailored treatment kit to enable the injured person or a first aider to provide treatment until an ambulance arrives. The kit contents have been carefully chosen to include items that are needed to provide early first aid treatment including tourniquets and haemorrhaging bandages. There’s a whistle for attracting attention to others on the beach and there is a set of large scissors to aid in cutting clothing or a wetsuit. The kit can be purchase with or without the arterial tourniquet. We strongly recommend purchasing the arterial tourniquet which enables the arterial wound to be adequately treated to control the flow of blood to and/or from an extremity until proper medical attention arrives.
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